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Watermelon Picking

Updated: May 21, 2019

June 16, 2017

Summer is nearly upon us and stores and farmer's markets are bursting with fresh fruits and vegetables. Watermelon is a summer staple and as American as Apple Pie on the 4th of July!  However, have you ever dragged home 15 pounds of melon only to be disappointed with the flavor?  Here are some signs to help you select the perfect specimen. 1.) Color - Look for a large yellow spot. This indicates that the melon has sat on the ground to ripen on the farm.

2. Heavier is better - If it feels heavier than it looks it's a good bet since the melon is made up of mostly water. 3. Sound - Give it a good knock and it should sound hollow. Dullness could indicate that is not ripe enough. 4. Uniform shape - if there are bumps that is an indication it has not received enough sun or watering.  5. Color - the darker the green the better! I hope that helps on your next shopping excursion!

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