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Nutritional Cooking

Cooking Class Video Library

Looking for something to prepare for dinner or just need some inspiration?  

Cooking Thyme classes are available when YOU need them!

  • Cook the menu when it is convenient for you

  • Classes are approximately 1.5 hours in length

  • Each purchase includes a full class length video and downloadable preparation packet which includes: recipes, shopping list and suggested equipment

  • Start, stop, and rewind the video to get the most out of the lesson

What People Say About On Demand Videos

 "The process is seamless and the food delicious. I love that I can start cooking with her and by the time my family comes home, dinner is on the table.

They are always impressed."

Natasha H.

Dear Stacie;


Just finished watching the Instant Pot Dinner Party video.  It was so entertaining.


TOP FIVE Pluses:

1. The instructions were easy to follow and not intimidating.

2. So glad that ingredients used were easy to find at the grocery.

3. Extra tips were helpful...Save a Buck, Buy the Chuck!

4. Visuals of food cooking were good to visualize how it "should" look.

5.  Showing good cooking habits (cleaning while you're cooking) are essential.

6+ Your "on camera" style is very relaxing.  After the presentation, I knew I could accomplish this meal.

Pat D. 

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