Corporate and Team Building Events

Is your team working from home? 

Build relationships through a shared experience! 

Take a class with me!

Encourage teamwork and learn new skills

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Why take time away from work?

- Providing an opportunity for personal growth shows staff the company cares about them which fosters more loyalty.

- A shared culinary experience where team members can acquire new skills benefits everyone, your team and the company.

- Having time to communicate builds relationships. 

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Menu Selection

You may select from numerous sample menus or customize your own. French crêpes to dinner for your family, your team will interact while preparing a menu suited to your tastes. Contact me to begin planning your special event.  

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Virtual Events

Enjoy a fun hands-on event as your team cooks along with me via Zoom from the comfort of their own kitchen.  You may also opt for a more relaxed class watching an interactive cooking demonstration. As an extra benefit, your class can be recorded and viewed later. A 1.5 hour virtual class starts at $550. Contact me to get more information. 

Cooking Class

In-Person Events

Ready to explore an in-person cooking class? I offer a limited amount of corporate events. Please contact me so we can discuss your vision to meet the needs of your colleagues. Pricing starts at $125 per person. 

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