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Where it all began...

Eiffel Tower Paris
In the Kitchen

          My love for cooking truly began to flourish during the three years our family lived in Paris, France. I have been married to my husband Greg for more than twenty - eight years, meaning that I have been married to the Navy for just as long. His career has taken us (including our two children) all over the world. While stationed at the American Embassy in Paris, Greg was the Assistant Naval Attaché. I was thrilled to support him through the many meals I prepared to entertain our diplomatic and military counterparts. 

              Representing our country to an international community in France often involved hosting and cooking several times a month in our home. It was through preparing these many meals that I honed my skills and learned how to select the right recipes and be able to prepare and serve them without hiring a cook. I discovered that I could make meals that impressed even the most discerning palates, "The French"! 


            My teacher has been life experience, practice, and the numerous cooking classes I took in Paris from L'Assiette de Paris. I spent many mornings watching the chefs preparing a variety of French and international dishes.  Their style of classes and teaching is the inspiration and model I have for Cooking Thyme.  In a fun and relaxed atmosphere, friends talked and asked questions as we all worked to turn our dream of being better cooks at home, into reality. I hope to share my insights with you in a fun and engaging way. I want to inspire you to make meals for your loved ones creating opportunities for conversation, laughter and sharing around your table.  

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