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The Dirty Dozen

Have you heard of the "dirty dozen"? This list is making the rounds on social media and I wanted you to be informed!!

Produce purchased from the grocery store may be sprayed in pesticides. The Environmental Working Group 2022 Shopper's Guide, ranks pesticide contamination of the 46 most popular fruits and veggies based on samples the FDA has taken from 46,000 produce samples! Here are the results

The best way to get rid of the pesticides is by washing with ONLY WATER!

Some soaps and detergents can permeate the flesh and then you are ingesting the cleaning product! Please keep eating these wonderful fruits and veggies!

What is buried in these stories or not even mentioned is that the health benefits (fiber, vitamins, minerals) of eating these fruits and veggies OUTWEIGH the negative effects of the pesticides.

Armed with information, we can make better choices! You can purchase organic produce and avoid some of these chemicals, but they are much more expensive, take note of this handy list and just make sure to wash thoroughly!

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