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One oven? Multiple dishes?


The holidays are coming and you have only one oven and multiple dishes to bake at different temperatures!

What do you do?

Keep in mind adjusting Baked Goods temperatures is not possible!

You need to bake off your pies and desserts first or the day ahead!

For side dishes you can adjust the temperature of your oven and cooking time to ensure even cooking and multiple dishes finish hot and on time!

You will also need to rotate the dishes from side to side and top to bottom as well for even cooking.

Here is the way you calculate cooking times when adjusting the temperature:

The recipe says 400˚ for 30 minutes but you have another dish cooking at 350˚.

Start temperature / End temperature = % Difference

If you are going from 400˚ - 350˚

400/350 = 1.14

Multiply Initial Time x Difference = New time

30 minutes x 1.14 = 34.2

So you will add an additional 4 – 5 minutes to the baking time at the lower temperature.

For an example, a whole roast chicken cooks at 400˚F for 55 minutes, but we need to cook our dish of potatoes (which are supposed to be cooked at 375˚) to cook at the same time!

375˚/400˚ = .93

30 minutes x .93 = 27.9 minutes

So you will need to cook the potatoes 2 - 4 minutes LESS when cooking them at a slightly higher temperature.

**Keep in mind – every time you open the oven the temperature drops which will extend your cooking time!

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