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VitaMix E320 ★★★★★

Vitamix...where have you been all my life? I am in LOVE!

Last week I was at Costco and saw a tower of mixers!

(With my quarantine mask on! UGH! Does anyone else's glasses fog up when they are wearing a mask?)

It was marked down $100 until May. I stopped, thought about it and moved on, but I could not get it out of my head. I have a blender. Yes, I have had it since I got married 25 years ago, but it still worked. Why get another appliance when I already had one? So I phoned a friend. She said "yes go back and buy it!" "That's a great price, I spent almost $500 on mine."

Look at how much money I was saving, $300!

I went back and waited in a much loooooonger line this time, but there they were in all their glory in black or red! I have used it everyday since. I have made

- many smoothies

- margaritas, twice (we are in quarantine after all)

- coffee frappuccino - take that Starbucks!

- carrot and ginger soup with coconut milk ------IT GETS HOT!! Wahoo!

- Indian butter chicken

- whipped ricotta

Have I mentioned how much I love it? The texture is divine! I could not get my sauces and soups as smooth even using my immersion blender and pushing it through a sieve.

This appliance has upped my game! I always like to make a "restaurant quality" dish, but this Vitamix really does help my recipes come out like the restaurant.

You can purchase them online for the same price if you do not want to venture out, but they are going to charge you shipping and IT IS HEAVY! $30 for shipping.

I would share the link but you need to be logged in to see the discounted price.

Just so you can compare, here is the link to Amazon for the same item, but $88 more!

Buyer beware, if you see a cheaper version of this on Amazon, read the fine print, it is "renewed". I prefer to buy my appliances new, especially since the warranty is 7 years.

In addition to the blender, you also get two personal sized cups with lids so you can make individual smoothies, the same size as Tropical Smoothie!

I give this blender ★★★★★!

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