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5 Kitchen Tools

There are few things in my kitchen that I reach for over and over! Some tools just make life easier and the recipes better. These are not gadgets that take up space and perform one function, although I own a few of those, too.

Just a disclaimer before I show my photos! These are my actual kitchen tools so they look well loved, but real life is that way, not perfect and a few dings, right?

  1. Microplane - this little utensil does not take up much space, but does such a great job zesting citrus, grating ginger and garlic and shredding cheese, you should never be without one!

2. Staub Dutch Oven - I cook with this pot many nights a week. From pasta to soup to sauces, my Staub Cocotte is my #1! I bought it in France more than a decade ago and it is just the best! What can I say, the French know how to make a good pot! And why not a Le Creuset? Because the enamel coating is black in the Staub and does not stain. This pot is well loved! The 4 Qt version is on sale at Food52 right now for $99.

3. Boos block cutting board is number three. I have to admit I bought it at TJ Maxx for $79, and worth every penny. (sorry I can only find it at Macy's now for a bit more $$)

I love the thickness. I am tall, 5'8", so the extra height helps me from bending over while chopping. They sell thinner ones as well. It is well made and it has handles on the side making it easier to carry.

4. Thermapen is number four on the list. This digital thermometer will change your life! I am not kidding. It will make you a better cook. No more cutting into that steak or chicken breast to see if it is done. If you have taken more than one class from me you know I hype this almost every class, it is that good.

5. Fish spatula comes in fifth. This Oxo fish spatula is the first one I reach for. From cookies to chicken, it's thin enough to slide right under and long enough so nothing falls off when transferring from baking sheet or skillet to plate!

Happy cooking!

** I do NOT receive any money from any of these companies, I just like their products.

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