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Foodie Gifts for Mom (you can ship)

April 23, 2020

Since we are STILL in quarantine and social distancing (HOW MUCH LOOOONGER????),

I have curated a list of some items you can ship to Mom for this very unique Mother's Day.


Having grown up in California, See's Candy was a staple at every holiday. I received an email yesterday from the CEO explaining their commitment to supply us all with candy for Mother's Day! They have been closed for the last month, but have reopened their online store. They make small batches by hand so I suggest you order soon before the Mother's Day rush is on.


I love bean-to-bar, Manoa Chocolate from Hawaii. They are a small factory on the windward side of the island with big aspirations. Instead of importing the cacao beans, they have planted their own cacao trees and have plans to turn Oahu into a "Napa Valley" of sorts for chocolate! The owner even has his own YouTube channel, Craft Chocolate TV, where he describes their process for making chocolate. It will make you appreciate all the loving care that is put into each and every bar of chocolate! You would also be helping a small business during this crazy pandemic!


I love French macarons! They are a perfect treat. (If you are in the DMV area I recommend purchasing them at LaDurée when they reopen, after May 15th.) But to get them for Mother's Day, here is a company that will send a little package of happiness!


Is mom out of state? Why not send her a gift from your home state?

The Peanut Shop of Williamsburg has been hand roasting small batches of Virginia grown peanuts for 40 years.


I love this store from Florida! Although not "food" the cute potted succulent and flavored candle will bring joy to any plant loving mom! It's only $25.99.


Do you have a favorite family recipe from grandma or your favorite aunt? It may even be on a stained recipe card! Why not turn it into a gift that mom can use everyday!

Check out this Etsy store that will turn that recipe into a one of a kind gift!


Maybe you want to send something along with the new cutting board. How about some gourmet cheese? I love to send gifts from Murray's Cheese Shop. Founded in 1940 in Greenwich Village, these people know cheese!


One of my favorite places to eat in NYC is Katz's Deli. Even if you have never been there, it is the location of a very famous scene in the movie "When Harry Met Sally" (Yes, that scene when the director's mother said I will have what she is having) so you are probably familiar with it!

Let's ALL have what she is having! Order some of their world's famous pastrami. I was skeptical when I saw the price on the menu during my visit, $19.95, for a sandwich, but it was soooo worth it!

Again in this difficult time, I think it would be nice to support a local business hard hit by the pandemic! They have been an New York institution since 1888!!!

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