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New Grocery Store - Lidl

A new grocery store has opened in Fairfax. Lidl was founded in Germany in 1973. Since then they have expanded across Europe and now in the USA. There are locations from Long Island, NY to Charleston, SC.

The concept of the store is to limit the choices of each product type, curating many items just for their own store brand and purchasing produce locally, even showing you pictures of the cute farmer's family.

This is a no frills experience and reminds me of shopping in Europe. You either have to bring your bags or purchase ones, plastic bags are $.10 each.

The prices of protein were very competitive and the cheapest salmon I have seen anywhere.

They have a nice bakery and due to the dreadful Covid, everything is pre-packaged. Need a Bavarian pretzel? They have you covered!

Looking to spruce up the house for fall? They have inexpensive mums, too!

I will not do all my shopping there, but it will definitely be on the list once a month!

See if there is one near you: Locations

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