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Spicing it Up!

March 23, 2017

Happy Spring to you.  Last week our daughter was home from college for Spring Break. Whenever we have time, we like to go to Mosaic in Fairfax to shop and eat! We had a lovely French lunch at Le Pain de Quotidien, which is "daily bread" in French. Having lived in Paris for three years, I am always on the hunt for authentic cuisine! This place has it. I recommend you try it. Here is the website:

Next door there is an organic market called Mom's. Although I thought the prices were a little outrageous, I did come across one bargain...spices. They have spices in bulk so you may purchase as much or as little as you need. Occasionally I will have a recipe that calls for a particular spice I use very infrequently. Don't you hate to purchase a $6 jar to use for a recipe and then it sits in the cabinet for a year?  However, at Mom's you can purchase small quantities with minimal investment. 

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