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Afghan Saffron

As a small business, I love to be able to support other small businesses and when that business is run by veterans...well it is even closer to my heart!

Rumi Spice is an Army veteran owned business. After serving in Afghanistan on active duty, this team of professionals have used their local connections to partner with 94 local farmers to plant and cultivate the crocus sativus flower that produces saffron. Then they hired 384 local Afghan WOMEN to pick and dry the threads of saffron.

Growing saffron produces SEVEN times more income than growing poppies for opium. These Army entrepreneurs are changing local Afghan communities and providing opportunities for local farmers to support their families. According to Rumi, "The International Taste & Quality Institute has rated Afghan saffron #1 three years running."

If you want to support this new business you can purchase their saffron nationwide at Whole Foods. Also go to their website where their full line of products is available for purchase. This small bottle is enough to make 37 servings of Paella! This story has inspired me to find more ways to use saffron in my cooking! Saffron truly is the "Queen of all spices".

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