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Route 11 Potato Chip Factory

Route 11 chips are a locally made product and I am always up for a detour on a long car ride. This Monday was President's Day so I had time to stop on my way home. The factory is a short drive off Interstate 81 in Mount Jackson, VA. Making small batch chips since 1992, this small company churns out 14,000 pounds of chips a DAY! Each batch is hand seasoned. Literally, he takes out a cup of seasoning and sprinkles it over the kettle fried chips and the next guy tosses them around until they are evenly coated before being weighed and bagged.

They purchase all their potatoes from the east coast and nothing goes to waste. All the potato peelings and chips that are not up to their standards are packaged and picked up by a local farmer who feeds them to his cow's! Including the spicy flavor, Mama Zuma's Revenge.

There are 11 varieties to choose from and there are unlimited samples. They even sell drinks when you get a little thirsty. The production floor is easily visible through the large plate glass windows, with a step up for the kiddos. Unfortunately, Route 11 does not allow you to take pictures of their factory!

Only the bags of chips and the exterior.

I could not resist taking a few, maybe a lot, of bags home! If you are traveling highway 81, I recommend you take 30 minutes, stop and have a snack and support a local business who is keeping it simple and making a quality product for us to enjoy!

Route 11 Chips 11 Edwards Way Mt Jackson VA 22842



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