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3 Secrets to Planning Your Corporate Event

These 3 secrets are the keys to executing a successful and fun off-site for your team.

1. Determine the goal

Communicating your goal to the team will produce a clearly defined reason for taking time away from work. The reasons could be:

  • Build relationships

  • Bring colleagues together that work remote

  • Celebrating a goal achieved

  • Emphasize the company’s desire to support “the whole person”

  • Encouraging retention of employees by treating them to a special event

  • Introduce new employees to the team

2. Engage with Immersive Activity

Getting participants out of the desk chair and engaging with each other can have lasting impact. Seeing team members in a new light fosters communication and relationship building outside the conference room.

3. Invest in Retention Tools

Taking time away from work should be meaningful and not a waste of time. Having an event where new skills are learned and can be transferred to home life, shows your team the company cares about them as people. It also enables the sharing of the experience long after the event is over.

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