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Picking a pan!

Today I want to share with you a quick comparison between stainless steel vs. nonstick (Teflon) cookware. Each type is an important tool in the kitchen and where you really should not skimp! Better made pots and pans is one of the easiest ways to improve your cooking skills.

The brand of pans I use : French Brand Cristel for stainless and T-Fal for nonstick.

Reach for the stainless steel pan when you are:

- searing meat, chicken or pork: the parts that are left on the bottom of the pan after browning are called "fond", these are the building blocks for many great sauces

- browning - like potatoes

- anything acidic, like tomatoes or vinegar, because it will not have a reaction

- a dish that needs to be finished in the oven

- sauces

Reach for the non-stick (teflon) pan when you are preparing

- eggs and omelets

- delicate fish filets

- pancakes

- lower temperature dishes - do not heat Teflon above 500˚F

** avoid scratching the surface - use silicone, plastic or wood instruments

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