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New Grocery Store

Last week a new grocery store opened in Fairfax to compete with Whole Foods.

Earth Fare

11052 Lee Hwy

Fairfax 22030

It is a chain of 40 stores from Tennessee to Florida.

They offer you a free grocery bag (A nice one!) when you signup for their rewards program.  All the employees were so friendly and helpful!

Two of the best bargains I found:

$5 Rotisserie Chickens - same price as Costco, but these are hormone free... what do they feed those Costco chickens? They are huge!!!


Freshly Baked Baguettes for $.99!

Toss in some veggies and dinner is done!

Look at that bottom shelf! It was the biggest bag of carrots I had ever seen!

And I thought it was just really cute to hang up the bananas. Grocery shopping can be a chore sometimes so I appreciate the creative display!

Lastly, I found some cheese paper! If you are buying more expensive cheese (not Kraft cheddar) it is best to store it in paper instead of plastic wrap. According to On Food and Cooking 

First, any kind of tight wrapping will promote the growth of bacteria, including those not native to the cheese, which can cause food-safety issues or off flavors. Second, tight wrapping prevents the dissipation of natural off odors, like ammonia, which is produced by bacteria native to the cheese. Finally, cheese, being mostly oil and fat, is able to absorb flavors and chemicals from the plastic, which you definitely don't want.

It comes with stickers so you can label the cheese as well.

I will warn you, Earth Fare is not a discount store, but you will find some healthy and unique ingredients!

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