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Mother's Day Gifts 2019

Mother's Day is only a few weeks away. Here is my list for some "must have" items for your kitchen or a perfect gift for your mom!

1.) My favorite Dutch Oven - this is a necessity in my opinion and it will last you a lifetime! They are currently 20% off at Williams-Sonoma

Staub Cocotte

2.) Cutting Board - my preferred brand is the Boos Block!

It is easy to find on Amazon.

Maple Boos Block Cutting Board

3.) Adopt an Olive Tree - I have not done this yet, but I want to! You adopt a tree and then receive olive oil produced from it!

Check out Nudo

4.) Cooking Class Gift Certificate - Ask your family for a Cooking Thyme Gift certificate for you and a friend!

5.) Stainless Steel Measuring Spoons - I use these all the time. They are perfect for fitting inside spice jars and with a price point of only $16, they are very affordable too.

Williams Sonoma Spice Measuring Spoons

6.) High Heat Spatula - This is a perfect item for the kids to buy with their allowance, it's only $9! I love having a few of these so when I leave it in the pot on the stove I do not burn my hand. Shop at Bed Bath and Beyond

Happy Mother's Day

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