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Holiday Products - Stocking Stuffers

Don't forget, some of the best gifts are small! Here is a short list of some items I recommend for putting in the stocking!

1. Champagne Sealer - this is perfect to give at Christmas so the recipient is ready for New Year's Eve! If you are just pouring a few glasses and want to preserve the bubbles, you need this!

2. Flat whisk - many of my students ask where I got this! It is the right tool when you are needing to mix a small quantity, like salad dressing.

3. Tea Drops - this is not a kitchen utensil, it's just a cool product! It is a shaped tea that you just drop in a cup and add some hot water. Viola! Slightly sweetened tea.

So cute!!

4. Corkscrew - this waiter's wine opener is perfect for on the go. Having a picnic? Going camping? Throw this in so you are prepared to open that bottle of beer or wine! (It is also good for that "hard to buy for" guy in your life.)

5. Sugar Saver - are you tired of the brown sugar getting hard before you use it all? Throw in this little bear to prolong the freshness of brown sugar.

6. Personalized wooden spoons - what could be cuter than giving them wooden spoons they will use every day with a personal message? Their name? A message of love?

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