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Help! How do I know if it is done?

February 4, 2016

Does this thought run through your mind as you look at that piece of steak, chicken, fish or pork?  How about on Thanksgiving afternoon when you look in the oven at that huge bird? Here are four easy steps to help you be a better cook... First, I recommend buying yourself a high quality instant read thermometer. I use this one: Yes, you are reading that price right - $99.

Sign up for their emails because they occasionally have sales - that is why I have a brown one. I guess brown is not everyone's favorite color. Second, print out this chart and keep in taped to the inside of the cabinet for easy reference. It will not be useful if you have to search through the junk drawer for it.

Third, if you are using the oven and not the stovetop, make sure your oven is the right temperature. The digital temperature may not be accurate on your stove! Sometimes my oven takes an additional 15 - 20 minutes to get to the right temperature. I use this one:

Lastly, use the recipe as a guide. Start checking your dish a few minutes before it is supposed to be done. You can always cook it longer, but there is no recovery if you over cook it! 

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