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August 24, 2017

How to select it: Although you will see it in the store year round, the actual growing season runs from late spring to fall.

The rest of the year will be garlic that has been stored. It is best to purchase the loose garlic bulbs so you can check for freshness.

First, squeeze it for firmness. It is better to have papery white skin that is unbroken. You want the head be heavy and the cloves tightly packed.

There are three main types available in the US:

​1.) pink - that is slightly sweeter 

2.) white garlic, the most common

3.) elephant garlic that is milder in flavor, similar to a leek.

Storing: Place the garlic in a cool dark place. Never place it in the refrigerator. The garlic will lose its flavor and become dehydrated when refrigerated. If your garlic starts to sprout before you use it, remove the green shoots with a paring knife and chop the rest up. It is still good to eat! 

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