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Dash Egg Cooker - Review

Looking for an easy way to prepare a large quantity of soft/hard boiled eggs? This egg steamer is perfect! You can also poach eggs or make individual frittatas. I purchased this little beauty for $29.99 on Amazon. They have a smaller version for $19.99 that makes up to 7 eggs at a time. It comes with a small water pitcher with attached needle.

You are instructed to pierce the bottom of the egg before steaming.

I have tried making the eggs without this step - it resulted in a grey coating around the yolk, yuck! So piercing each egg is important for the best results.

I also added a bit more water to have them cook a little longer.

No more broken and cracked eggs and they are perfectly cooked through every time.

Even the kids can do it!

Once the water has evaporated, the machine plays a nice little song and turns off automatically! So you can start it and walk away. A fun way to cook your next breakfast!

Click on the image for the Dash Deluxe Egg Cooker!

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