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Best Crepe Maker

Crêpes are a French staple. They are eaten as a children's afternoon snack as well as a celebratory meal. February 2nd is "le jour des crêpes" - the day of crepes. Originally it was a religious holiday, but more recently it has become similar to the American tradition of "ground hog day". The day symbolizes a look forward to spring, thus it is generally said the day is "la chandeleur" the day of light.

I teach crêpe classes regularly and I recently purchased a new crêpe maker to facilitate the ability for two students to be cooking at once. A friend of mine who works at a French bakery in Colorado, suggested the Tibos brand and I love it! The griddle is thick and conducts the heat well.

It also comes equipped with all the tools you need from the ladle to the wood "pusher" to achieve just the right thickness and size for savory crepes. You could use it for sweet crêpes, but usually I use a smaller hand held pan for the stovetop.

I give the Tibos crêpe maker my enthusiastic recommendation.

Click here for the crêpe maker.

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