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Strawberry Pancakes

Do you find your berries at the back of the fridge and about to go bad? Use them up by making these fluffy pancakes!

Makes 9, 4" pancakes (this recipe can easily be doubled!)

1 1/4 cups all-purpose flour

2 TB granulated sugar

2 TSP baking powder

1/4 TSP salt

1 egg

1 1/2 cups milk

1 TSP vanilla bean paste (or vanilla extract)

1 TB vegetable oil

4 strawberries, diced small

Sliced strawberries and powdered sugar for garnish

Maple syrup

In a large mixing bowl whisk together flour, sugar, baking powder and salt. (I like whisking dry ingredients vs. sifting - too messy!)

In a separate bowl, whisk together the egg, milk, vanilla and vegetable oil.

Pour the egg mixture into the flour mixture and whisk until just combined.

Heat a griddle to medium-low heat. Coat the griddle with non-stick cooking spray or butter. (If using butter, watch the temperature, it burns easily! If you use butter, I keep a paper towel nearby to wipe the griddle surface if butter starts to burn!)

Pour 1/4 cup batter for each pancake and sprinkle on a few strawberries, leaving some space in between each piece. This helps the pancake cook more evenly so you do not have raw batter in the middle and the outside is burnt.

Flip once bubbly, about 2 -3 minutes. Flip and cook 2 more minutes.

Top with sliced strawberries and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Serve with syrup if desired.

Strawberry Syrup

If you want to use up even more berries, slice them, sprinkle with some sugar and toss with a few tablespoons of orange juice. You can serve this as is or heat it over low heat in a small saucepan for 5 minutes for a warm and fruity topping.

You ask me, can I use other fruit? Yes, try some blueberries, raspberries, peaches!

Recipe by CTWS

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