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Social Burger Review - ★★★☆☆

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

My kids are about to go back to college and I am trying to fit in as much fun as possible each day around their busy schedules. Today we ventured to Vienna to try out Social Burger, a family owned restaurant that promotes "real food, quality ingredients, the environment, and community". All good aspirations, so I thought we would support this local small business!

The hamburgers start at $5.99 and the fries are extra, $3.25 for this medium size. The fries were hand cut and I thought very crispy and delicious. The hamburger bun was above average and toasted nicely. Unfortunately I was not over impressed by the meat. I felt it lacked flavor and could definitely have been seasoned more. I selected Swiss cheese and this was a mistake! I should have gotten no cheese or a different one. I tasted my daughter's burger without cheese and it was better, but still not great for the price in my opinion. Shack Shack has a better burger and if you have ever eaten at In-n-Out, well there is just no comparison! In-n-Out has great burgers for the price!

The drink offering was very good. The fountain drinks are Puck's all-natural soda and they have hand dipped ice cream shakes with Jack and Jill ice cream. If you are not familiar with Jack and Jill they have been around since 1929 and were started in Philadelphia, PA.

So overall I give the Social Burger 3 out of 5 stars!

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