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Ribs for Dad

In June we celebrate our dads! It is the perfect opportunity to share my favorite recipe for ribs. It is so easy and they come out perfect every time. I can not take credit for this incredible recipe. I found it on the website Inspired Taste. They live up to their name with these ribs. Please note - I modify their steps just a little. Please read on below and then take a look at the recipe!

The secret to great ribs? Removing the membrane on the back! There is a tutorial on the website. You will cook them in the oven at 275˚ F wrapped in foil. In the video they cut one rack of ribs in half and place them in a baking dish. I usually do 2 racks at once and place them whole on a rimmed baking sheet. (One rack is not enough for my family of four!) And just like their version, I wrap them in foil and bake.

Then remove the foil after about 3 1/2 hours hours (I leave them in a bit longer then the recipe calls for - 3 hours - since I do whole racks!!) and lather them with your favorite BBQ sauce and broil them until perfection! Could NOT be any easier!

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