Restaurant Review - Cheestique ★★★★☆

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

After living in France for three years, I am changed! I admit, I am a cheese snob. Yes, there are times when I use Kraft American cheese (the block not the plastic wrapped slices!) to prepare a grilled cheese, but with 385 different French cheeses, I discovered the sky is the limit when it comes to cheese tasting and it is an actual course of your meal, not just added to a sandwich.

They have cute French Bistro touches all over the restaurant!

There is a small chain of restaurants, Cheesetique that feature some very special cheese classics! I ordered the "Montique Cristo" and my daughter had the Lobster Mac n' Cheese. I have to say her's was a little subpar, too dry! However, the sandwich was delicious.

Montique Cristo

Lobster Mac n' Cheese

In addition to a large menu they also offer cheese and charcuterie boards that would be a perfect Sunday afternoon snack!

The cheese menu

The charcuterie options

If you want to sample some at home, they also have a small selection for take out.

If you have never tried it, I recommend getting a slice of the Baked Lemon Ricotta! It is a sweeter dessert cheese reminiscent of cheesecake. YUM!

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