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Restaurant @Patowmack Farms

Earlier this year I published a list of restaurants I wanted to try in 2019. So far I have gone to 2941 and now the Restaurant at Patowmack Farms. My husband and I triple dated with some friends last Sunday for their "Family Style" monthly dinner. The chef has selected one country each month to feature. February's dinner celebrated the cuisine of Iceland! I have spent some time in Iceland myself, but was not sure what "haute cuisine" from there would be like, but there would be fish!

The restaurant has a very nice ambiance and would have been even more scenic during the day with it's view of the Potomac River.

The Restaurant at Patowmack Farms, interior.

Sunday family style dinners is a set menu. Here is what we received:

Icelandic Family Style Dinner

We started strong with some lovely light bite-size snacks.

The first item for the entrée selections is quite deceiving...that very long and fancy Icelandic title was "Lamb Testicles" served over barley. Yes, I ate it. And yes, I liked the BARLEY!

Next up was a fish head covered in sauce.

My question was "where is the rest of the fish?" The server instructed us to turn it over and there was more meat. Hmmm, I just was not that impressed. I am all for not wasting food, but who did the chef give the rest of the fish to?

In addition, we had a lovely arctic char, by far the best tasting and prepared dish!

Arctic Char

The main dishes were rounded out by a light cabbage dish, venison with beets, warm potatoes with herring and some delicious bread and butter.

Venison and Beets

Icelandic Bread and Butter

The meal ended with a flight of desserts.

Dessert flight with cookies, mousse with blueberries and a date cake.

I would like to go back and try their regular menu. Otherwise the next time I will be eating Icelandic food will be in Iceland!

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