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Updated: May 31, 2020

As Virginia starts the VERY slow process of re-opening, I thought I would take just a few minutes to share what I am thinking and the future prospects of Cooking Thyme. Whether we like it or not, our lives have changed and the world has changed around us.

Just to let you know, I have two adult kids. Savannah is turning 23 in July and Ethan will be 20 in June. Savannah works for a non-profit focused on first amendment rights located in DC and has been telecommuting since March. Ethan is a student at Virginia Tech, but took the spring semester off to work full-time for an aerospace company in North Carolina. He also was working from his apartment, but when we saw COVID was not going away any time soon, we encouraged him to move home and work.

It looks like they both will continue to work from my house through the summer! My husband Greg since retiring from the US Navy in January, has been working as a civilian for the DOD and continues to go to the Pentagon each day. We are grateful everyone has jobs! I know that is not true for many families unfortunately.

As a mom, I have placed the priority on providing a conducive environment for my kids to continue to work from home for the next few months. All that to say, I will not be holding any in person classes at least until September. ( Maybe a ZOOM class if I get any requests.)

In the meantime, I am contemplating, what classes will look like when I do start again. Keeping students 6 feet apart is not an option, my kitchen is not that big unless there are just 2 students, economically not feasible. Masks? Also not an option for me. Just too cumbersome. Gloves? Well I have been reading up on this as well and it is very easy to cross-contaminate while wearing them. (Here is an article link if you are interested.) (And one more just in case...) Temperature checks when you arrive at my class? No!

I trust that if you have a fever, you are respectful and would call me and cancel your spot and not expose others.

I really do not want to become "the germ police"!! My personal perspective is that risk is a part of life and we have the freedom to choose how much risk we are willing to take with our choices. I am also confident that my students have common sense and are wise! Due to our current situation and what we have been through together, people will be conscientious about their physical condition and will refrain from attending if necessary.

Exercising my God given freedoms along with personal responsibility is how I want to live my life and run my business. Will I be cautious? Yes!

Will I do my best to provide a safe and welcoming environment? Yes!

But, I will not live in fear of catching an unseen virus and refrain from being with people! I understand that some of my students who have medical issues may not want to attend out of caution and I totally understand and respect that. And for those of you who do not attend in person, I plan to keep sending you emails and encourage your cooking skills through blog posts!

I could not and will not have a business without YOU! I appreciate your friendship and the camaraderie we have shared. I look forward to being with you in the fall, cooking, trying new recipes and sharing life together!

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