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Goya Foods Buycott

Goya foods has been in the news a lot lately. Mainly due to the fact that some Americans have decided to boycott them after the CEO attended a White House ceremony and said that we were blessed to have a president that is a builder. ( Here is a video of his comments.) As a cooking instructor, I try to share with you, my students, relevant topics that help in the kitchen, but today I hope you will indulge me a few moments of your time on a topic I feel passionately about.

Some Facts:

- Goya Foods employs 4,000 people in the US, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Spain.

- Goya Foods president attended the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration at the White House in September 2011 and introduced President Obama who in turn PRAISED Goya Foods. Here is a video of it.

Unfortunately, some people have decided that a company that continued to work and provide much needed food during a worldwide pandemic should be punished for the CEO showing support for our President. We still live in a free society - so individuals can decide what products to buy and what companies to support. If citizens disagree with the CEO of Goya they have every right not to buy their products!

However, I will use my money to support a business that generously gives food to the needy and continues to employ thousands while many companies have laid off employees and shuttered their businesses. Goya Foods is the epitome of what American values are: in America, hard work and risk taking is rewarded! An 18 year old immigrant, the CEO's grandfather, immigrated to the US from Spain and started a business that prospered his family and provided for thousands of others. I find it inspiring! No matter one's background, family or origin, you can work diligently, overcome obstacles, and be self reliant which can lead to great success in America! These are the values I hope I have instilled in my children.

I encourage you to support this company if you share in their values!

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