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Portion Size for Turkey Day

With Thanksgiving only two weeks away, I want to give you some tips to plan a stress-free event...starting with portions! I will answer that very important much food should I make?

When planning a Thanksgiving meal for family and friends I prefer to have a few leftovers but not so much that I am eating Thanksgiving food for a week! Here is how much I suggest you make:


Plan to purchase 1 - 1.5 pounds of uncooked turkey per person, this will result in 5 - 8 oz of cooked turkey for every guest, plus extra for some sandwiches. IF you think your guests will prefer the white meat, you may consider making an extra Turkey Breast!


For making mashed potatoes:

4 people – 3 pounds (6 large potatoes) 6 people – 4.5 pounds (9 large potatoes) 12 people – 9 pounds (18 large potatoes)


The difference between stuffing and dressing is that the former is cooked inside the bird, the later in a casserole dish.

Plan to make 3 ounces per person.


For a tossed green salad I suggest 2 ounces per guest.


Either homemade or store bought, about 1 ounce per person.


4 fluid ounces per person.

TIP: Buy the Better than Bouillon Turkey Base and have you gravy done in a snap!


If you are planning on serving pies, most

people wish to try them all! Cut your pies

in 10 piece wedges instead of 8! Men will usually try 3, women usually 2. For a party of 10 guests, THREE choices is best!

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