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Perspective from a Military Spouse

I know that March has just started, but so have the PCS (permanent change of station) season conversations.  Have you noticed lately everyone seems to be talking about who is moving this summer?  I know I have found myself making a mental list of who is staying and who is going. After you discuss their move date, it seems inevitable the discussion turns towards "stuff", how much they have acquired since the last move and the need to get rid of those belongings they do not want to see at their next duty station.

So instead of sharing a cooking tip today I thought instead I would share   some thoughts I have after reading an article about collecting "skills not stuff". We all have taken the trip to the donation bin with our abundance of castoffs: old clothes, knickknacks, and that gadget we were sure we would use, but never did. Why not start acquiring more skills instead of stuff?

Investing in yourself, in further education, certifications, and the like will reap many personal rewards and make the material load lighter. 

I hope Cooking Thyme is a place for you to acquire new skills, to have comradery amongst friends, and inspiration for your life.  Our family is moving the end of July so I have just a short time left to share some recipes, laughs, and hopefully a good meal or two!  My last thought I will leave you with is a quote from the article:

 "anything that expands your capacity to enjoy what you love will pay dividends for the rest of your life". 

I would feel privileged if you shared some time with me doing what I love, sharing the joy of cooking and hospitality!

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