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New Cookbook for the Busy Chef

January 11. 2018

For this week's Thursday Tip I would like to share a cookbook with you.

This cookbook is organized very uniquely.

Instead of chapters based on ingredients or by meal type, the authors have written it with 5 strategies:

One Dish

Extra Fast



Make Ahead

Each page has a color coded tab that indicates which of the five  categories the recipe represents. 

Sometimes the recipe can be made for multiple categories.

Although I think many of the recipes are simple, the way it is organized really addresses how many of us have to prepare meals.

Who hasn't had to cook dinner for a family of four and no one ate at the same time?  The authors address this problem with their "staggered" recipes, recommending ways to reheat or prepare to a certain point to maximize the usefulness!

Nights when you just don't have a lot of time to stop at the store "pantry recipes" are tailored for ingredients most of us keep on hand.

Check it out.

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