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Mother's Day Wish List

Mother's Day is coming soon! Whether you need a gift to give to your mom or if your family needs to buy you a gift, I have created a list of inspiration for you. Skip the mall lines and parking and shop with me online!

1. If money is no object...

Adopt an Olive Tree - do you love olive oil and want to support small local farms in Puglia, Italy? These people have been farming the land for generations! This is a very special gift for the Italian Foodie in your life.

2. Practical -

Kitchenaide Immersion Blender - this is a perfect small appliance to add to your kitchen. I use mine all the time! It is perfect for blending soups.

3. Useful -

Boos Block Cutting Board - this is the brand all the chefs use on the Food Network and I have one too!

4. Best Knife Set -

Global Chef's and Paring Knives - this is a perfect set to take care of most cutting jobs in the kitchen

5. My Favorite Dutch Oven -

Staub Dutch Oven - this is a workhorse. Yes, it is heavy, but ohhhh does it cook like a dream! I recommend when looking at what size to purchase - rule of thumb is 1 quart per person. So a 4-qt pot is big enough to serve 4 people from!

6. My Favorite Everyday Cookbook -

Southern Living at Home Cookbook - I have had this for YEARS! There is a reason it is still in print! From basic recipes to fancy, this cookbook has it all!

7. E-Gift Card to Cooking Class -

Join me on a culinary adventure! Better yet, buy two and bring a friend!

I offer e-gift cards you can use to attend any class on my schedule!

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