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Michelin Stars in DC

The Michelin Rating System

Do you know the origin of the infamous rating system for restaurants? With fewer than 3,000 cars in the country of France in 1889, two brothers, Andre and Edouard Michelin wanted to encourage more driving so they could sell more tires! Yes, the two brothers owned a tire company so they created a marketing strategy to help them sell more tires.

Until 1920 this small handy guide was given away for free and it contained information on how to change a tire, maps and gas station locations, to restaurants. As the influence of their guide grew, they hired anonymous diners to rate the restaurants and in 1926 the "star system" was born. Originally giving just 1 star to the restaurants, a few years later they developed the current system of 0ne, two and three star ratings.

Since it's inception, 30 million guides have been sold and over 40,000 establishments have been rated over three continents.

I appreciate these men and their vision! They created a way for people to know and appreciate culinary experiences worldwide. Why not create your own local memory by trying a DC restaurant with a coveted place in the Michelin Guide?

But save your pennies, these meals don't come cheap...many have a set menu and a set price. No "a la carte" in sight!

I would love to see your photos and hear about the meals you taste and hopefully enjoy! By the way, I have had the privilege to eat at only one of these establishments, The Dabney. If you are interested here is my review.

Bon Appetit!

Washington DC Michelin Rated Restaurants - Click on the restaurant for the website!

Three Stars

Two Stars

One Star

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