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Luke's Lobster Review ★★★☆☆

Luke's Lobster Restaurant in Georgetown

I have never been to the state of Maine, but I have always dreamed of going. Since a trip is not in my near future, my daughter and I decided to at least have a bit of the Northeast cuisine. We took a drive to Georgetown to have lunch at Luke's Lobster. I have seen pictures of their lobster rolls on my Instagram feed for months! Luke's is a popular food post for DC foodies.

First, a little background on the lobster roll. There are really two types: Maine and Connecticut. The Maine roll is usually served on a square toasted bun, the lobster meat is COLD and dressed in mayonnaise with celery. The Connecticut roll is also served on a toasted bun but the lobster is WARM with melted butter.

Luke's is the Maine variety. My daughter took one bite and made a face... not a good one! She is not a fan of cold seafood. She preferred the very crispy fries!

Lobster roll cut in half with slaw and fries. Items are smaller than they appear!

I have to say the there is quite a bit of lobster, but looking at the photo you would think this is a huge sandwich, not so. We had them cut it in half to share. The entire sandwich was the size of my hand. It is smaller than a 6" from Subway! It's not cheap either.

Luke's Lobster Menu

I ordered the Lobster Combo which was $20 and then added the slaw. Total came to $26!

Pretty pricey for ONE sandwich. The slaw was just OK. It was not as fresh as I would have liked! I think part of the experience of eating a lobster roll is lost when sitting on a small stool in a little storefront in Georgetown. I think next time I eat a lobster roll, it will be while sitting outside on a weathered deck with a view of the Atlantic Ocean!

1211 Potomac St NW

Washington DC 20007

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