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Jaipur Indian Food Review

My love for Indian cuisine did not begin until more recently. When we moved to Yokosuka, Japan some friends wanted to take us to dinner to welcome us to the neighborhood. Their favorite place was called "Delicious" and it featured Indian food. I am sad to say that I discovered this food so late in life! I should have been eating it for years! Over the two years in Japan I tried many different Indian restaurants. Everyone seemed to have their favorite, but I always returned to "Delicious" because it was so darn delicious!

Ever since moving back to the States I have been on the hunt for a place that could compare to my first love. To be honest I have not yet found the equivalent, but I come close when I make my own butter chicken at home. (And if you have not come to my class yet -

you should !)

Last week my husband and I were driving home from the Vienna Metro station and decided we would stop in to Jaipur and see how they measured up. We were pleasantly surprised. The staff was attentive and kind. The decor was decidedly Indian - which I like - that means the owners have probably not "Americanized" the recipes. You can get a feel for what the food will taste like based on the decor, can't you?

I started with the salad. Which was plenty to share!

My husband ordered the Mulligatawney soup - which in my opinion was the BEST thing we ordered! I even went home and tried to recreate it the next day. Mine was close!

Then we had the Butter Chicken and the Coconut Chicken Curry - both medium hot.

They were good, but we thought the Butter Chicken was too "tomatoey", still like mine better.

The coconut was very good, not exactly like the dish from Japan, but a very good runner-up and much easier to get to from Fairfax!

Overall, I rate Jaipur 4 out of 5 stars. The waiters were great, the portions were large and the food was tasty!

9401 Lee Hwy

Unit 105

Fairfax, VA 22031

Lunch : 11:30am - 2:30pm Dinner : 5:30pm - 10:00pm

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