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Favorite Crackers Ever!

Last Sunday our family went to the buffet brunch at the Ritz Carlton at Tyson's Corner. I tasted some crackers with hummus and they were so good I asked the waiter "do you all make these crackers?" It's the Ritz, right? Of course they make everything from scratch! NOPE!

He informed me that they buy them and he would be happy to let me take some home. He was so kind and brought me an entire unopened box! Needless to say the box was opened as soon as we got home and they were all gone in a day.

I looked up the company Firehook and they are local! Hooray! Originally started as a bakery and coffeeshop, they have multiple bakeries around DC and Virginia as well as selling their delicious crackers at retail stores around town.

I love to make food from scratch, but sometimes store bought is better!! Go try some Firehook goodies!

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