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Farmer's Market

Mosiac Farmer's Market located on District Avenue in Fairfax, Virginia (

is a great place to have lunch, grab some fresh produce or cheese direct from the farm and delicious bread. Open year round every Sunday from 10 am - 2pm, there is a street blocked off containing delicious treats from start to finish.

Begin your culinary experience in front of Angelica Theater with specialty cheeses from Stonyman Gourmet Farmer

Then a crusty loaf of bread from Girardot's Crumbs bakery will tempt you!

Rita's Crepes has an extensive offering of sweet and savory crepes! I also tasted some wonderful homemade sausages, but sadly no photos! It was too good to stop and photograph.

As the temperature increases, so does the number of vendors! Check it out soon!

Mosaic Farmers Market

2910 District Ave

Fairfax, VA 22031

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