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Egg Time!

Occasionally I like to make egg breakfast sandwiches. I have seen this "trick" on the internet that is supposed to make a perfect sandwich egg using a ball jar lid. The results were not exactly like all those beautiful Pinterest posts, but it worked pretty well! I sprayed the jar rings thoroughly with non-stick spray, but when I gently cracked the egg in the center, the white did leak out around the sides.

Once I removed the rings with a pair of tongs, most of the white came with the ring, leaving a fairly good looking egg behind! I like my eggs a little more cooked through so I turned them over and cooked them an additional three minutes.

I was happy with the results! The eggs were the perfect size and consistency for an English muffin breakfast sandwich. ( I also add just a touch of jam! That little bit of sweetness is really tasty!) Enjoy!

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