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Dinner in Quarantine

Venture out beyond pizza and Chinese food delivery.

Here are just some of the restaurants that have adapted to these challenging times to provide us with meals to go or delivered!

1. ) Taco Bamba - if you have been to one of my classes you know that I LOVE Taco Bamba! Owned by local chef Victor Albisu, this chain of taco shops have come up with some unique ways to bring you their tacos!

a.) Storefronts - order and then pick up.

b.) You can crowdsource your dinner - you can get a group together of 5 and they will bring you the orders! It is not cost effective to deliver one by one, but they will if you get some friends/neighbors together.

2.) Cote d'Or - for some upscale cuisine try this French restaurant. My friend Sue knows one of the employees and shared they are doing their best to keep everyone employed. They have a 3 course prix fix menu for only $25.95 or you can order a la carte!

3.) Clarity - this is one of my favorite restaurants. The food is unique and delicious. They will even prepare COCKTAILS with your to-go order!

Here are some options where you can get dinner and pantry staples!!! Yes, you heard that right, pick up dinner and TP!! I never thought I would say that!

4.) Founding Farmers Tyson - I have to say I have never eaten at Founding Farmer's, but during this time of suffering, they are providing a truly unique service. From wine to dinner to hand soap, TP and paper towels....they are a one stop shop!! You need to place your order one day in advance, but you can select exactly what you need and at the time you need it! By the way, they have their own hand sanitizer newly approved by the FDA.

5.) Patsy's American - owned by the restaurant group Great American. This restaurant is also providing dinner and household staples! You can also order beer and wine for pick up. Once you get to the order out page - make sure you hit the drop down menu on the top right to see all they have to offer. Just as an example: here is what is included in the "essentials package" for $69.

Pre-packaged grocery essentials for every home. 2 Quarts 2% Milk

Half Gallon Orange Juice

4 Mini Billy Buns

1 lb Butter

2 lbs Rice

1 lb Spaghetti

15 Eggs

2 lbs Ground Beef

2 lbs Chicken Breast

3 rolls Toilet Paper

1 roll Paper Towels

If you want to venture down to Old Town Alexandria (one of my favorite places to visit so I want it to still be there after this is over!), here is the website that is updated daily for restaurants that are open for take out.

Many restaurants will not survive this shutdown so please support some local businesses this weekend!

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