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Central Restaurant - ★★★★★

Recently my husband and I celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary with a dinner in DC at Central and a play at Ford's Theater.

I selected this restaurant because of it's proximity to Ford's Theater, 2 blocks, and the fact that it had a reasonably priced Prix-Fixe Menu of $38.50 for three courses.

I ordered the tomato gazpacho the start.

Tomato Gazpacho with Burrata Cheese.

It was a light and creamy delight, with the great addition of the burrata cheese and crunchy croutons. I will be putting cheese in my own gazpacho from now on!

Next, I had the hanger steak, also known as the onglet in French, cooked medium rare. It is important not to cook hanger steak too long. This portion of meat is derived from the diaphragm and is located in the lower belly of a steer. Overcooking it can result in a very tough piece of meat! It was perfectly cooked and the fries were crispy perfection.

I am a crème brûlée snob! The top has to be crispy and the bottom well chilled. This dessert was spot on, which is what I would expect from a restaurant boasting a French chef.

As a surprise, they also brought out another dessert with fireworks in celebration of our anniversary. I was not able to finish all that dessert, but appreciated being able to try both. This second dessert was the chocolate bar. I liken it to a kit kat bar with a cocoa coating and it did NOT disappoint!

Located right on Pennsylvania Ave, I highly recommend trying Central if you are in the mood for French bistro fare, 5 STARS!

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