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Call Your Mother Deli

I am checking restaurants off my WISH LIST 2019. This week, a friend and I met at Call Your Mother Deli for lunch.

Call Your Mother Deli

It is located in NW just past Howard University. It was not the easiest place to get to from my house in Fairfax. It is on Georgia Avenue and there is only street parking which was a challenge since it was street sweeping day! However, once I took the first bite, I was glad I had driven 45 minutes FOR A BAGEL SANDWICH! I do not say that lightly. Forty-five minutes is a commitment for a BAGEL!

I also was surprised that being a bagel deli, there were only 6 choices, as opposed to the 20 choices you would see at Einstein Brothers. But, if you do something well, stick to that right?

We each ordered a different sandwich so we could have half of each! We both agreed out of the two, "The Shyne" was our favorite, because everything is better with bacon.

The Shyne Bagel at Call Your Mother Deli

The second, "The Rihanna Flex" was good as well, but the amount of cream cheese overpowered the delicate smoked salmon. Plus everything started to slide out when you took a bite, but I was undaunted! Do not worry, I managed to finish both halves.

The Rihanna Flex Bagel

I also ordered their homemade Chai Latte, it was excellent, not too sweet.

After lunch we decided it was a good idea to take some of these delicious bagels home. I was a little surprised, when I ordered one of each flavor that they only had just 4: plain, everything, sesame and za'atar (false advertising - No chocolate or sourdough rye). They are priced at $2.50 each, which is a little expensive, but they are as big as your hand!

I enjoyed my lunch and it was a bit of an adventure getting there, but I like to explore neighborhoods I don't know very well. If you are in the area I highly recommend stopping and getting a few bagels!



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