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2941 Review

It's restaurant week and I took my son with me to try the restaurant in Falls Church, 2941 for their $22 prix fixe lunch menu. It is in a beautiful setting right next to a lovely lake.

This restaurant is always highly rated so my expectations were great. The food presentations, although dazzling, we were both disappointed with the taste. The food fell a little flat for both of us.

We started with goat cheese mousse with quince and the mushroom velouté with truffle foam. You know it's fancy when they start using FOAM!

I have to say the soup was my favorite. The goat cheese was good, but I could not figure out what the red shiny stuff was?!

For the main course I ordered the duck sausage cassoulet style and he got the squash raviolini. He said, "Mom your ravioli is better".

I must say the duck fat crumbs on top of mine really added to the dish. And although I ate most of it, cooked bitter greens are not my fav!

The grand finale was the chocolate mousse and the bananas foster.

The picture above makes the dessert larger than it really was. I had to get in really close to see it. This bananas foster was only about 2" wide. Again, Ethan had the better choice with the mousse. A fancy dessert is not complete unless it has a well placed swoosh of sauce and it is off center on a rectangular plate, right?

As you can see, all the food was elegantly plated, we just wish the taste had lived up to the reputation. Maybe they save all the really good food for when you pay full price!

2941 Fairview Park Drive Falls Church, Virginia 22042 ​(703) 270-1500

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