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GoThyme! Pass 

 Take your cooking

to the next level!

Unlimited On Demand Classes 

Unlimited Live Stream Classes 

Unlimited Pro Kitchen Tips 

4 Reasons to Try a GoThyme! Pass

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Save Money

Cook with me just 2x per month and the  GoThyme! Pass saves you 25% off the price of live classes, cook more and save even MORE!


All Classes

 Unlimited access to all my live & on demand classes. Cook with me when it is convenient for you from a variety of menus!

Preparing Food

Build Your Skills

 Become a better cook today. Learn new techniques, elevate your menus and improve your kitchen skills.

Preparing Healthy Food

Healthier Meals

Making your own delicious meals helps develop healthy eating habits, saves $$$ and encourages family time around the table!   

Gourmet Meal

  Tired of asking Google for dinner ideas?

  Learn to cook better by watching and cooking along!

  Fully interactive live classes, ask Stacie any questions!

  No hassles, cancel anytime!

$37 per month all access
Preparing Eggplant

What Students Say...

"Stacie is amazing! Cooking and talking with her in the kitchen as each recipe is prepared is an easy and fun way to learn how to create dishes you may have steered clear of by yourself. Her experience and knowledge are a welcome ingredient to a fun cooking experience!" Penny D.

"Thank you so much for the video.  It was just what I was looking for. I could visualize myself sitting in your kitchen watching you make the meal.


You definitely have a talent that I am so glad that you share with others."

Pat D. 

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Keep Connected


Food brings us together!

For just a few dollars more

than one cooking class, you

will have unlimited access

to cooking experiences online

via Live Stream

or On Demand Videos. 

  Create amazing meals

 you, your family and friends will look

forward to eating every week!

“The gentle art of gastronomy is a friendly one. It hurdles the language barrier, makes friends among civilized people, and warms the heart.” – Samuel Chamberlain


Hello and welcome!

I am Stacie.

I started teaching cooking classes in my home 8 years ago with the desire to share my joy of cooking and hospitality with others. Now I teach online and through my video class library. I want to make meal planning and preparing recipes as easy as possible for you, on your schedule and in the comfort of your own kitchen. Will you join me on this culinary journey, nourishing or bodies and souls by gathering around a table?  I have created the GoThyme! Pass so you can regularly cook along with me and I can teach you to prepare delicious meals for yourself and your family!

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