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Cooking Thyme Going Virtual!

The world has changed. I hate to say that, it makes me sad! But unfortunately it is true. Since the outbreak of Covid all of us have had to face many challenges and adjustments in our lives. We started with isolation to slow the spread and now we face some uncertainties about how long this virus will continue to affect the way we live our lives.

Many months ago, way before Covid, my husband suggested to me that I should video my cooking classes. I was downright opposed to the idea! Did not like it at all to be honest. I thought "why would people watch me?" There is a ton of content on Youtube already! His response, "yes, but those people are not you!" Your students would watch because they trust what you teach and the recipes you provide.

Even up until just a month ago I was still opposed to "going virtual". One email changed my mind. I have had a student for the last three years who has consistently attended every month, bringing friends and family with her, too. She sent me a note sharing that she could not come back for the foreseeable future because she cares for her elderly mother and has to reduce the risk of being exposed to Covid. She encouraged me to live stream my classes so she could continue to participate.

How could I say no to that? Maybe more people are in that same circumstance? In addition, I have taught in Hawaii and Japan and many of my students have moved away from Virginia. Is it possible that some of those students would want to cook along with me as well? I sent out a survey this week and even though some responded they still wanted to come in person, many said "YES" I want to watch from my home kitchen and cook along.

So I am sharing this with you all so that I have some accountability! Otherwise I may never take the plunge. My same friend shared with me that she had bought an online class with Sur la Table. I decided to join her and check it out. Two hours later we had finished a berry crumble, roasted chicken breast with Dijon sauce and asparagus and peas. I decided I can do this!

Will you come on this new adventure with me? We can share this experience of cooking together regardless of the distance between us! I am still committed to my original goal of sharing my love of cooking and hospitality, even if it may look a little different. I am educating myself and acquiring the tools I need to broadcast my classes live so you can cook along with me. I will also be recording the classes so you may watch them at your leisure on Zoom. I am excited to begin this journey with you and I hope you will attend and share my classes with your friends and family members near and far!

The Live Stream

Once I start teaching virtually, I will offer two times, 10 AM EST and 4 PM EST.

The lesson will be about one and half hours and I will be teaching 2 -3 recipes a session. (maybe squeeze in a 4th occasionally)

You will be able to download a shopping list and the recipes in advance so that you are ready to cook with me.

I will be using Zoom as the format, so if you think you want to participate, download the app and familiarize yourself. You will be able to ask me questions and interact just as if you were in my home.

How to Sign Up

I will be posting these classes on my website later in August and once you have signed up and purchased the event, you will receive the code to join the meeting and the link to the page where you can download the recipes, suggested tools and the shopping list. If for some reason you are not able to watch the class live, it will be recorded and you can watch it later.

If you have friends that would like information about my classes, would you please ask them to send me their email address so I can add them to my email distribution list for all the updates?

Private Live Stream Classes

If you are interested in getting together with friends and family virtually, please contact me and we can select a menu you would like to prepare on a day and time that is convenient for you.

Classes Offered - In Person and Live Stream

My plan is to continue offering in person lessons at my home starting in September as well as the new live stream. Current Schedule - In Person - Here

I hope this variety of formats will allow many more to participate in Cooking Thyme and that we will continue to cook meals that nourish our bodies and feed our souls!

** If you have a request for a menu or recipe please send me your suggestions and I will see if we can add it to the schedule!

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