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The Dabney ★★★★★

Our family recently had dinner at the one star Michelin restaurant, The Dabney in the district. It was a memorable evening! We loved the cozy atmosphere, the excellent service and the delicious food.

Cuisine presented at this small restaurant features products sourced from the Mid-Atlantic region and includes specialties such as St. Malachi cheese from the Farm at Doe Run in Pennsylvania and fish that is locally caught by fisherman, Top Hat Joe who brings them his day's catch from the Chesapeake. The restaurant has embraced the new trend of "small plates". For a family of four adults, they suggest 2 - 3 plates per person and the family style option is about "6 plates". The menu is divided between, snacks, small plates, family style, sides and desserts.

Each table is served grilled bread with their homemade sorghum butter.

YUM! Grilled bread with homemade sorghum butter!

We started with the featured snack, fried catfish on sweet potato rolls. I ordered one and gave my family a taste and then we ordered 3 more!

Fried Catfish on Sweet Potato Roll

In addition, we ordered the St. Malachi cheese served on crispy flatbread crackers with apples, drizzled with honey. I have to say the cheese was good, but the SMOKED HONEY! This is a new find for me. Who knew there was such a thing! It will change your life!

We each ordered a small plate including: charred brassicas, fire-roasted winter squash, wood fired sweet potatoes, and chicken and dumplings.

Charred Brassicas

Brassicas, was a new word for me too! They are a family of vegetables including broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, kale, and bok choy. This dish was so unique, a great twist on a traditional salad.

Here is a view of the wood hearth that adds a special quality to the atmosphere as well as the food!

The Dabney wood oven

Winter Squash

Sweet Potatoes

Chicken and Dumplings

I am usually not a fan of chicken and dumplings because of the texture of the dumplings, but this version was more of a stew with thick chewy noodles instead of gooey drops of bread. It was very good.

Next, we had the family style short ribs with potato puree, greens with fried shallot and horseradish sauce. The picture does not do it justice. These are hands down the best short ribs I have ever had (and the ones I make are very good.) What made this so unique was THE SIZE! It was a huge hunk of meat, much like a pot roast!

We finished this feast with the Mont Blanc. It was a perfect meringue mountain covering a chestnut mousse, crumbled cookie and chocolate sauce.

This was a 5 star experience! Our only negative to the whole night was the wine - the pour was small considering it was $15 a glass! Otherwise, we enjoyed ourselves and the food. I highly recommend The Dabney. I love going to a restaurant where I can order things I do not make at home. If I am spending that much money, I wan Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. t it tasty and unique!

The Dabney was a hit and I highly recommend you experience this culinary journey in DC.

122 Blagden Alley, NW

Washington, DC


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