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My Top Five Favorites

Every kitchen should be stocked with a few items that will enhance not only your cooking ability, but the finished dish as well. I use these daily when I am cooking for my family and friends. I find it is better to save up and spend a little more upfront than to buy cheaper quality products. The quality of your tools will directly affect the end results of your cooking endeavor. Plus, you use them everyday, they need to last!

To explore each item "click" on each picture!

Staub Cocotte -

This is a cast iron Dutch Oven that cooks perfectly every time. I suggest to determine the size, one quart for every person you normally cook for.

Williams - Sonoma always has a good selection.


A few good SHARP knives -

I love my Global knives. The blade stays very sharp and they are not too heavy and perfectly balanced.


Cristel Cookware -

I discovered this line of cookware while living in France, The handles are removable which makes it very easy to store them in the cabinet.


Well made cutting board -

I use a Boos Block and so does everyone on the Food Network! Yes, it's heavy, but I love the wood and it is easy to clean.


Cooking Classes!

Yes, it is a shameless plug for my business, but what could be better than sharing a morning with new friends and food? You will taste some new recipes, share laughs and stories, as well as learn techniques to help you build your confidence! Join me soon!

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