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A Different Fast Food

Yesterday I tried a new restaurant in Fairfax, Bebop Korean-Mexican Grill. Everyone has heard of Asian Fusion cuisine, but Mexican and Korean together?

The format is similar to Cava and Chipotle. You select burrito, bowl or tacos, the meat, the toppings and finally dressing. The flavors were decidedly Korean in my opinion.

I selected the chicken bowl with yellow rice for $8.50 and topped it with corn, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber and Mexican Verde Sauce. They only started cooking the chicken once I ordered so it took almost 15 minutes to receive my bowl.

The taste was different and I could appreciate the fusion of Mexican and Korean, especially with the strong kimchi and roasted street corn. Although the food was good, I probably will not return frequently. This would be an occasional stop.

If you have not heard of two cuisines served together, there may be a reason for that. Sometimes it is better to appreciate the flavors on their own, mixing is not always best.


10730 Fairfax Blvd Fairfax, VA 22030

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