I can help you put on a magnificent event to impress!

to desserts

From appetizers

Why should you hire me to help you?  

- Has it been awhile since you have hosted a large gathering and just need some fresh ideas?

- Are you planning a dinner party and have difficulty having everything finished and hot at the same time without being frazzled?

There are times when you just need a little inspiration and do not want to hire a costly catering service. 

 I can come to your home and:

- Plan the menu and give you the reliable recipes

- Coordinate the set-up for your party

- Help you prepare the food

- Set-up the tablescapes

- Provide a timeline for you to

finish your recipes before your guests arrive. 

When I leave, you are prepared to entertain and relax with your guests.
My services start at $40 per hour.

I can help you plan, prepare, and execute a great event in your own home!

Whether it is a dinner party for friends, a cocktail party for colleagues or a family holiday gathering, I can assist you in your preparations and planning so you are ready to host with confidence.

For more information please use the contact form below!

"Stacie assisted me in hosting my first hail and farewell for our wardroom. Initially I was overwhelmed with cooking for that many people, but Stacie's help with food prep and timing, along with a themed menu and decor, made the night enjoyable for me as well as my guests. Stacie has given me the confidence to entertain even larger parties - and to do it more often."
Kelli K.